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I don't know what to do. Back in June, DD started taking off her diaper and using the potty all on her own. So, we bought her underwear and after a few accidents she was using the potty full time except for nights. Most nights, though, she would be dry. Fast forward to August, and suddenly she's constantly having pee pee "accidents". I don't think they're accidents. I really think she's doing it on purpose. First of all, she never, ever has an accident outside our...
A friend of mine just had a baby and she had planned a homebirth. After being dialated at 7 for 7 hours, she transferred to the hospital because the baby just wouldn't descend. The baby never showed any signs of distress, from what she shared, and I'm not sure exactly what happened once she got to the hospital, but she ended up with a c-section. Now I'm all freaked out thinking that could happen to me. So, what are your options if the baby won't descend? Is that...
Like most mamas, I was naked by transition, but before that I wore a robe. The only problem was that my belly was so big, it didn't close all the way, and I think this time I'd like something that fits better. Any ideas on where to get a robe to fit a huge pregnant belly?
I just use an electric shaver, like the kind a guy would use. It has a variety of settings (you can do a close shave or use a setting to leave it a bit longer). When my belly gets so big that I can't see, I just use the bathroom mirror.
I told DD when she was a little over 2 because I was pregnant with #2 and I was having the baby at home. It really wasn't a big deal.
Maybe a book for her lending library? This time around I'm giving my mw the new edition of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Last birth, I gave my midwife the book Angel in the Waters. It's a book for children.
I just got my supply list from my mw and she has an "optional" section that tells you how to sanitize the towels and the paper bags you store them in before the birth. Has anyone ever gone to that extreme? With my first homebirth (different mw, different state), I just washed the towels and stored them in a cardboard box. I was planning on doing the same this time, but maybe sanitzing would be better?
The ACOG has an alternative where women are treated with antibiotics only if they go into premature labor, have a fever during labor, prolonged rupture of membranes...you can google it. You could discuss that option with your health care provider possibly.
As mentioned in other posts, it's important for your baby's health to wait to cut it until the cord has stopped pulsating. However, my mw was very insistent on waiting at least 2 hours, and I'm so glad we did. The reason is because no one takes the baby from mama if the cord and placenta are still attached. Mom and baby get to just cuddle, relax, and nurse. It's really crucial bonding time. My mw just wrapped the placenta up in a towel next to me on the bed and I...
Does any one know of a Mom's Day Out Program in Scottsdale or Phoenix? I'm looking for something for my 2 1/2 year old once a week, just for a few hours. I want to be able to volunteer in my kindergartener's classroom. Everything I've seen is 2 days a week. Back in Ohio, it seemed like all the churches had a program like this.
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