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One of my friends gave me an assortment of used prefolds to try with my daughter. The one we like the best has terry on one side and flannel on the other. I'd love to order some, but neither of us have any idea what brand they are. Any ideas?
My 15 month old daughter ate a whole orange yesterday (not too smart on my part) and now her little bottom is on fire. Can I put a diaper rash creme on her bottom when I'm using cloth diapers or will it ruin them?
Thanks for the info on snappis. Okay, here's another question...with prefolds do you have to use snappis or pins or will a bummis cover hold it all together??
This probably sounds dumb, but what is a snappi?
Thanks Ladies! I did wash them 3 times. Maybe a few more times will do the trick. Also, I'm using size 2 Kissaluvs with medium Bummis...shoot! I'm thinking she really needs size 1 Kissaluvs. I hate to spend another $300 right now. :
So, my nursing baby is 15 months old and still no sign of a period. Had a tiny bit of spotting 3 months ago, but nothing sense then. My question, has anyone had success conceiving in this type of situation? Any tips?
So, I bought the fitted Kissaluv diapers for my 15 month old and I can't believe how bulky they are! They barely fit under the Bummis Diaper Covers and I already had a leak the first day I used the combo. Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions? Wondering if prefolds would be better for us?? Also, I ordered the Stacinator Wool Night cover and the first time I unsnapped it, one of the snaps fell off. Of course I'm going to return it, but should I risk...
I'm new to cloth diapering. My daughter is 15 months old and I bought 3 bummis super whisper wrap covers, 26 kissaluvs fitted diapers, one stacinator wool cover, and a waterproof diaper bag. I spent about $350. Of course we'll have to buy smaller sizes when we have the next baby.
New Posts  All Forums: