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I have never bought any Avon products before but there is one I want to get and I live in a pretty small town. Do they sell it at any stores? Or do I need to find an Avon "Lady"? And if so, where the heck are they listed? TIA!
I was already as tall as I am now (5'10") when I got them, at age 13. So I guess I did stop growing around then!
Hm. If I were an employer I would probably want to hire a former SAHM! If only for the obvious dedication implicit in the job. That coupled with proficiciency at multi tasking would seal the deal, provided she was competent in other areas and had skills necessary for the job as well!
You do not know me and you do not have a right to judge me, or anyone else. Well, you do have a right to do whatever you want. But blanket statements are hurtful. There is no way to know everyone's intentions or all of the factors involved. And just because some people are able to quit doesn't mean that they are less selfish, better parents etc etc. It means their circumstances are different. Will power is just one factor and is in itself multi layered. It's one thing...
Quote: Originally Posted by kathywiehl self satisfaction. It's called an addiction. If you can call me selfish then can I call you arrogant and self-congratulatory? Sheesh.
Well, I am offended by objectification of women, but at least Hooters' employees are consenting. I think it is extremely sickening that in a place where women are objects and their boobs are showcased in an OBVIOUS sexual context, that there are any referrences to CHILDREN's developing breasts. It is beyond comprehensible to me.
Okay, hmm. I was joking about being incredibly reliable, but I do have flashes often and when I'm right I just know it. I didn't just know it in this case, but I did get a flash. Strangely, though, I do have really good finding abilities when other people lose stuff and I'm in their house. I just naturally go right to the area and find the thing really fast. It's actually kinda eerie! But I don't have the same ability with my own lost stuff I saw a sort of checkered...
Okay I put my incredibly reliable psychic powers to work and I saw it somehow tucked up in and/or under your couch. Is it brown? (your couch)
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