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Quote: OMG, I can't stop laughing. I mean, one part of me understands where the original idea came from, but really, it is so ridiculous. I mean, just logistically you'd have to move your hands to position the freak hands into place, and isn't that when the baby wakes up? Then the baby moves just a bit and the hands fall off, and then you just have scary hand pillows floating around. Oh my, it is just hilarious. Ditto.
Rooibos! It's great for kids.
Ha ha, orange bum! That's funny.
Yay panthera for the well thought-out post! Here's what I think. I think the OP wants help, and wants to stop, hence the thread title, hence her admission of her behaviour. I think the variety of opinions is good; she deserves both support and to know that it's WRONG. If she'd only recieved one type of response in this thread, over and over, one way or the other, that would be unbalanced and unhelpful. I understand the feeling. I hissed at a friend's cat when I...
Hi! I really like stevia. Have any of you tried it? It takes a week or so to get used to, but then once I do, sugar just tastes gross to me. I lost 5 pounds in about 2 weeks just replacing the sugar in my 2 cups of coffee in the morning with it! And it's natural, no chemicals. Great stuff!
Mmm.. Those sound yummy! Thank you so much!
A couple of times an hour, usually only for a minute or two! Big feeds come around naps and ALL night long!
I notice that the JASON stuff works much better than run of the mill zinc oxide cream. I think it must be the lavendar and (I think?) calendula. I would really like to make my own, though, if possible. Has anyone had any luck doing this?
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