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I rarely rent movies, but my dh made me a "cupon" book to rent a movie once a week. I am totally out of the loop though and have no idea what's good. I am interested in what are some good "serious"ish story lines (there are already lots of suggestions on the funny movies thread). Nothing too sad, unless it's REALLY good. If it's from the last few years, the better. Thanks!
I hope this is the right forum for this. I need a new digital camera that also takes good quality videos. So maybe I need a digital video camera that also takes pictures . Mine is old and doesn't always work right. Plus it makes noises when I turn it on, and beeps, even with the sound off, so I can't take candid photos of dd. As soon as she hears it she grins and crawls really fast toward it and really really wants to touch it. I really want something that is very...
Oh, yup, that must be it! Quote: Our DDC just moved over from Life With a Babe This was the quote, and the post was about her 1 year old and how she was now a toddler, so I thought she meant it in referrence to her daughter. Now I get it.
I have really really thin hair and want to thicken it somehow. I'm wondering if there's any way to coat it or do something to somehow get it to grow thicker? Also, I've never used mousse, but is that its purpose; to get hair fuller looking? Are there any natural mousses?
At first I thought it meant dear, dear child , but I don't think that's what it stands for. So what does it mean? Thanks!
Yeah I get the "Can I see your baby?" thing A LOT, even when her head is covered, etc, indicating that she's asleep. It's weird, though, aside from those who want to see/touch/coo her, there are just rude people who yell and bang stuff and talk really loudly after having LOOKED at her sleeping. I'm talking about people who know she's asleep and don't care. Just random people in stores, on the street, etc. And some people who come up and talk to me about her and talk...
Wow, these sound great! Thanks! Raffi I loved him as a kid! Disco aww...
Oh yes, I saw Dan Zanes on the news a while ago... or a documentary type thing. He was great! Thanks! eta: peter, paul and mommy; that sounds cute!
Wow, thank you for all the info Spastica! I never knew vinegar wasn't enough. It seems to do the trick for visible muck, just doesn't quite take the smell out at low amounts. I will get some b.s. now!
It's just strangers. It never used to happen, but for some reason it does all the time lately! I do say "Please don't wake her" but I kind of feel like a b!tch because they're all smiley and I have to cut them off and emit a serious tone, and I totally understand their enamouration (word? ). Like little old ladies and vague acquaintances and cashiers and stuff. I just don't know why it keeps happening.
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