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Wow everyone, thanks a lot. So it never even occured to me to not use shampoo (well, I use something called no soap, a natural wash) on her. I tried just washing her hair with water this morning and it came out perfectly; not dry and frizzy and wild, but obviously clean and shiney and soft. So I think I'm going to keep doing it this way unless she absolutely needs shampoo, and then I'll use lavendar water or some variation thereof, since it's probably way cheaper than...
Adorable! My dh wants me to teach him how to knit. He'll get a kick out of this!
Thanks everyone! So I could make a spray conditioner with just a bit of olive oil in distilled water? What kind of ratio would work best? Also, the lavendar water: do you mean lavendar essential oil in water, or is that a brand?
My baby's hair is so frizzy and even getting tattered looking in the back. She'll be a year next week. I'm looking for some way to condition her hair. I haven't seen any baby hair conditioners in my local hfs, so I guess I'm looking for something I can make at home (but if you have a product you really like that's chemical-free, let me know as well and I'll see if I can order it). How do you condition your baby's hair? Thanks!
Oh! I just remembered I have a little bit of Weleda baby oil leftoever in a drawer. I will try that and see if it helps too.
Does the Weleda stuff have calendula? I ask because I tried an ointment with calendula and lavendar for several days and it did nothing, surprisingly. Which leads me to wonder if it possibly is a yeast thing? I'm pretty broke right now and only have the money for the next couple of weeks to spend about 20 dollars on this, unfortunately. So I'm going to have to figure out which route to go. So I'm wondering, with yeast, could it be unsmelly and just red/pink and smooth?...
Ooh, thanks everyone... that made me really hungry! These all look great. Oh, and the ppk! That was one of the ones I used to go to that I forgot the name of. Thanks everyone!
Hmm. She hasn't had any dairy or wheat, or anything new... Wouldn't it smell weird if it was a yeast thing? Or be whitish? Sorry if these are dumb questions! She is in sposies for now cuz we can't afford a w/d, no laudromats or diaper services nearby. I do air her out a few hours a day too... Hmm...
That site is very nice. Thanks!
I don't know if this will work for you but it's worth a shot. When our cats, who loved eachother previously, started fighting, this is what I did. They would hiss and pounce at eachother. So I took them and held them facing eachother and very firmly but kindly reminded them that they loved eachother. I did this several times a day for a couple of weeks, for several minutes, even up to a half an hour or so, each time. I know it sounds kooky, but it really did work! But,...
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