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Oh!  No I haven't - but I will :)  Anything empowering girls is fantastic - She loves to read and we've read all the books at our library so I was looking for alternatives :)   Thanks!..
Hi - my 13 year old just started her period yesterday!  While I'm excited - she's not. I've always been very open with both of my girls and I'm excited that she's moving on to next stage of her life ! I've done all the talking and explaining that I can possibly do but she's the type who likes to read and discover on her own.. Does anyone know of any good websites that she can read? That are specifically geared towards younger teens? I've been looking and have...
HI - My preemie was born @ 26 weeks - almost 8 1/2 years ago.  So 13 weeks early and weighed 1lb 15 oz.. She was on room air from day one - fed breast milk from day one. Kangaroo holding. etc.. NO vaccinations. After 4 months or so struggling to breastfeed - while pumping  - she finally caught on and nursed then until 26 months. She moved "up the ranks" at the hospital and was released after only 9 weeks in the NICU. She is 100% normal.  She's a  bit more...
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