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we've got stuff going on that day, but i shared it on my FB page. i've got quite a few lactivist friends locally.  good luck!!!  
i was just curious if anyone in the SE MI (SE oakland county to be exact) area have a rec for a greif support group? we lost 3 nieces and SIL in january and i'm having a rough time dealing with it. thanks!
i haven't been on mothering in some time, but don't know where to turn...i lost my sister-in-law (45), and three teenaged nieces (19, 19 & 14) in a car vs. train accident on jan 9th this year. here's a link to the accident details--i don't feel like writing it all out.   i keep thinking that things will get easier or that i will feel better soon, but instead i feel worse. i'm on meds for anxiety/depression issues, but that's nothing new and i'm usually quite good at...
I know I'm grasping at straws here, but I was just curious if anyone knows of a dentist in the SE MI area that's hiring hygenists? My sister is hoping to move back to the area from NC, but she would need to secure work first before making the move.   thanks in advance!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Latte Mama ...he climbs off the couch, I'll think he's done so I pull my shirt down. Oh no, he gets upset and climbs back on looking for the boob again. Lather, rinse, repeat several times. yup. dd2 is 15mos and that whole "i'm done til you put the boob away" thing is my current frustration. it's no big deal when it's just the family or my girlfriends and i, but when we're in public i can't just sit there hanging...
i made this one about a month ago and it was DELICIOUS! it could easily be veganized if you just used earth balance (or some sort of vegan butter substitute). YUM!!! top it with some vanilla ice cream and it's out of this world.
Anyone have a suggestion for a good male-oriented workout dvd for my DH? he needs to loose about 80 lbs, and doesn't like being out in the heat (he has an outdoorsy job, so he gets his fill). he does workouts with me every now and then, but he doesn't like when moves get too complicated/hard to follow/dancey. thanks!!!
i know this might sound like an infomercial, but i swear it's true--try the Turbo Jam videos. i've been doing the 20min one 3x a week and the 48min one about 1-2x a week for the past month, and i lost 1.75" off my waistline!!!! i'm so excited about it! arms are looking quite fabulous in addition to getting toned everywhere. and an unexpected bonus, my 10mo dd likes to dance and watch me do the workout so even she enjoys my workouts.
that's FABULOUS!!! good job mama!
yes to all that and tell her to check out kellymom.com
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