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Why aren't you comfortable with your dd reading a book with any kind of sex in it? No judgement- just wondering. DS is 11 and I was fine with him reading it. I was more disappointed that the writing was so poor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gitti So if there were a vaccine for those, you would have gotten it. Now since there isn't you'll take other measures. Was your decision to get the other vaccines based on fear or the fact that there was a vaccine available? Good question. For me the decision not to vaccinate has had to do with the risk of the disease vs. the risk of the vaccine. For things like CP, Measles, Mumps, Pertussis, I've felt...
Thanks for the replies. japonica- how long were you in Australia? We're leaving for our 4 month trip in 3 weeks! I wasn't worried about diseases in Oz, really just SE Asia. Even then, it was mostly DH who was pushing for vaxes. OMGosh about the shark attack! Were you freaked? Did you still go in the ocean after it happened? Apparently shark-baiting is a big problem is Australia. There's been a significant increase in the number of attacks....
11 & 7 yr olds just got Hep A and Typhoid vaccines before our trip to SE Asia. Not glad, but feeling mostly OK. The thing is, I'm more concerned about Dengue Fever, Malaria and shark attacks (Australia) than Hep A + Typhoid. I wish being a parent didn't mean worry, worry, worry. (I did skip DPT & MMR, which travel nurse *strongly* recommended.)
Thanks for the heads-up, HeYunyi. Your post was super helpful. I think I'm just feeling a bit stressed by everything. We sold our house and will be putting all our stuff in storage over the next 3 weeks. I feel really under prepared for the trip and am looking forward to actually feeling excited. Thanks again everyone. It feels good to be back on mdc- it's been awhile!
Gitti- Sorry to be so confusing! I was thinking about the MMR because I guess I've been scared into thinking that M+M are really bad after puberty and ds is 11. I'm not really worried about picking it up on our trip. Also, my vax stance is changing a bit. It may be because I haven't caught up on my research (it has been awhile since I've done any reading). So thanks for the link AND reminding me of what I've always know/believed to begin with. I will admit that the...
I FINALLY finished Breaking Dawn (Breaking Down!) and ITA with A&A. I'm a really fast reader and it took me forever to get through it. It was just so boring and awful- but it was nice to have completion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sailor Anyway, my partner and I travel A LOT. I've never even heard of getting vaccines to go to Australia. That's a normal, developed country. Why would one need vaccines for it? I just meant that we are going there. I'm mostly concerned (well, dh is) about SE Asia. I've also traveled a lot and have never been jabbed. Just want to explore all options for the kiddos. Gitti- Thanks for your reply. Maybe I should...
Thank you so much Ally! Your recommendations are super helpful! I was thinking Typhoid and Hep. A. Tetanus would probably be a good idea. Now that the kids are older, I don't have the same vax concerns. And now that ds will be going thru puberty soon, I've been thinking more about the MMR. Thanks again for your response. How was your trip?
Hi, I have 2 unvaccinated children- 10 yr. old ds + 7 yr. old dd We will be traveling to Fiji, Australia, SE Asia and Hong Kong for 4 months. We are leaving in a month and I have been researching vaccines for awhile. The CDC, of course, wants you to have about 100 shots. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience, tips, knowledge on what shots would be essential. I'm *mostly* OK with kids remaining vax-free, but dh is really concerned. Thanks!
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