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Just refuse induction. Is there some reason you can't?  
41 weeks here. Not really cranky, but then again I am used to late ones. My other 3 children have all been late; my last one was born at 43 weeks 4 days. I'm really surprised that everyone seems to be trying to induce themselves, even though Mothering is about doing things the "natural" way. Not judging; I just find it interesting. I've never tried messing with when my labor comes. I just wait. Anyway. I have been telling the babe to wait until at least 5-15 so my...
Do I have to be cranky to join the thread   :D  
My husband told me he find the belly makes me less attractive, because I told him I was sad from him not paying any attention to me (which he does even when I am not pregnant) I pondered that for a few days and decided I would just try to feel good about myself anyway, I mean, I am not the biggest fan of the belly either but I still feel like a sexual person and want him to think of me that way. So, I got the kids to agree ot let Mom and Dad have some time to themselves,...
Power through does not sound like  good way to go about it. I would talk to a lactation consultant before things get much worse if the bad latch is making it too difficult to nurse. Otherwise you will keep injuring your breasts and your supply will get worse if you can't nurse because of pain.   
Don't forget that more demand equals more supply when it comes to breastmilk. Since the baby is more efficient at removing milk from the breast, I suggest you nurse, nurse, nurse. Offer the breast often. I would suggest following the advice of an above poster and only pumping after the baby has eaten so you don't stay in the cycle of pumping and then bottle feeding. The more you can feed directly from the breast, the better your supply will be.
Wow, it is neat how nature works. Good thing she didn't go too long or who knows what size she may have been. Congratulations. I hope everything is going well with your new little one :D
Yup, I'm waiting here. Due pretty soon, but mine usually cook a little longer than my due date. Your child was above average size. Did you go past too?
    Oh I so hope that is the case. I once had CPS called on me by a hateful neighbor. I thought the same thing and let them in. After the investigation, I got a letter in the mail that I had been found guilty of child neglect because of "inadequate clothing". (My infant son wasn't wearing socks, in June, while playing on a futon on the floor.) I was found guilty of "environmental neglect", because I owned one of those oil-filled electric space heaters, and I did not have...
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