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http://www.hslda.org/   Full Article available to HSLDA members only: http://runawaychildren.tripod.com/id18.html
Definitely patterning has a lot to do with men being more on board. I'm sure many of them would like to be able to get team logos on them, or at least some more manly prints.   I would love a Beco!
I meet the requirements but still get a Permission Denied error    
Hi new GF moms! I have been here in GF a number of years and know quite a bit about goings around around here. What specific info are you looking for?     http://www.visitgrandforks.com/main.php (general info, events calendar, and things to do)   http://grandforks.culturepulse.org/ (events related to the arts- mostly)   http://www.ndhsa.org/ (homeschooling)
The posters above said it all. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. There is nothing wrong with your son or his foreskin. It is common for the foreskin to not be retractable until the pre-teen years, or sometimes not until puberty. If his penis functions fine, I would not suggest anyone try to retract it unless your son wants to mess with it himself. I would not suggest to him that he try to retract it, just let him do his own thing. I would not let the doctor touch his...
Well we do lots of different things at our house. I sleep naked (can't stand to have clothing on when I sleep) and use my pajamas like regular clothing; they get worn when I feel like being extra cozy, sometimes inside, sometimes out. My children usually sleep in the clothes they are wearing. The pajamas they wear just when they feel like it, which usually ends up being after a bath if it happens to be close to bedtime. I notice they more often want to wear them when the...
I don't find pajamas to be socially unacceptable. I find it odd that anyone would. I wear them in public all the time. I have never heard of "inside clothes", lol. .
No shampoo, just conditioner, and I use a Knot Genie brush. Works great, except the hair always gets knotty from having to wear a winter hat/hood. Not sure what I can do about that
It's actually quite normal for pregnancies to last 37 weeks, 40 weeks, 43 weeks. Everyone is different. All my children have taken their time to be born, my last one at 43w4d. I as well had to just stop answering my phone, as my provider was pressuring me to schedule a CS. I told them I thought that rude, especially since I had already told them in the past that I would let the babe be born on their own time. Don't let yourself be bullied
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