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http://www.thecowgoddess.com/ I know most have seen Hathor, but her latest 2 comics just cracked me up, what with my recent controversy. They are called "Comfortable 1" and "Comfortable 2". They are currently the top 2 on her site. I love the window....lol, but mine would still pull the whole deal off me and throw it on the floor. Kristin
Had I been able to consult a sticky, this silly Denver firestorm would not have ensued. I have some good info now and will post what I have after I take care of a few more things. I was just checking the boards really quick during a kid break. It would be very prudent to post a logical plan of action so even the most emotional people can handle these sitations in an effective way. Thanks for the wonderful idea! Kristin Skrydlak-Simlai
I voted. Here are the current results What do you think about breastfeeding in public? I love it; breastfeeding is natural! 202 65.2% Women should be able to do it, but I don’t think I will 58 18.7% It’s not appropriate; new moms should be modest 50 16.1%
It sounds like the usual, that people think they now what is best for everyone. I applaud you for your conviction and it sounds like you have had to put up wih too much crap. Just keep doing what you think is best, have a good shoulder to cry on if you need it, and remember that other people's opinions do not dictate your own logical choices. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your daughter. I hope you both can stay strong. HUGS TO YOU! Kristin...
I was BF exclusively until 4mo when my mother tried to introduce rice cereal. I had a major bout of diarrhea from this and almost died so my mom decided to continue exclusive BF until I was 1 yo. I am not sure when she weaned me entirely.
I find it best to carry around a small feather pillow which makes it very easy to NIP while the baby is very cozy. It is squishy and fits in a bag easily. It makes restaurant nursing MUCH easier, especially if the chairs have no armrests. Just a tip. Kristin
I am not sure that I am posting in the correct place, so sorry if this is wrong I am up late because I am upset and having a hard time sleeping. this is what happened to me today....it is enraging. I warn you, this post is long. I am on vacation with my family- 5 of us including mom and dad. We went to Elitch Gardens Theme Park in Denver, CO (Formerly Six Flags). I was nursing my 5 month old son by the side of the wave pool in the water park. I was in the section...
My name is Kristin. I am due December 8th with my 4th child. My children have the tendency to be late, so I might have mine around the holidays. I plan on an unassisted homebirth as I dislike my previous hospital experiences. I'm quite round and ready now! LOL Thanks! Kristin
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