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Yay!!! I'm gone for one week and we have FOUR new babies, wow!! Congratulations everyone.
<3 Congratulations mamas!!!  All these wonderful new babies! 
Eleanor Ann Jackson made her appearance today at 9:45 weighing 8lbs 7oz. Her birth story will take all of my mental faculties...which I do not have right now.
Susan, I am so jealous of your beautiful smile every time you post a photo!  lol.  I'm pretty sure I lack the ability to smile when standing now.  
Ooh Banana!! Exciting!
Yay Katydid!!  Welcome and Happy Birthday Liliana! 
Eeeeee!!!!  So many sweet new babies!!  Aim4balance, Yoma, Harmie, Songbird - CONGRATULATIONS!!!    So glad things worked out for everyone!   Brynley, Rachel, Kallen, and Baby Boy Songbird, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  
Can I just say, I love you guys.  Reading here is keeping me sane.  
Yay!  Welcome Lucia!!  What a beautiful little lady!!  
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