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please remove me or put a little angel next to mine. thanks.  
  I was going to recommend Electric cigarettes. Other than the nicotine (which does not cause cancer it is the other stuff in cigs that do - but nicotine still has a few risks) there are no health risks with them and none for your kid. What is expelled is not smoke just water vapor. I have helped several people switch and have used them myself to quit smoking. If your mom would like any recommendations don't hesitate to PM me. The "disposable" ones are not the best...
Number 3! This is an very unexpected little bonus. 9 YEARS after my last!
Add me please :)   1/16
Thanks Anon. That helps. I know that it will be ok. I am just in complete shock. Wowza!
I have not been on MDC for a long time but I could use some support.   I am 38 and have two kids (13 and almost 9). I am divorced and a single co-parent.   I just found out that I am pregnant. About 6 weeks. The person who is the father is a long time friend/lover but he will not be interested in coparenting with me.   I don't know what to do. I have a great family that will support me, including an older sister that I called and spoke to. She owns a daycare...
thanks :) I need to hear stuff like that. My daughter can be very vocal about things. I don't want to ruin their childhood, but I don't think that I should have to be alone.   What can I do to show them that it will be ok and maybe even FUN? We are all going to Disneyland in October...I am hoping that goes really well.   Six years is a long time...I wonder if maybe I waited too long?
of to add, my daughter is extremely headstrong and I am sure that my son is just going along with her.   V.
Briefly, I have a 12 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. I have been separated/divorced from their father for 6 years. Their father and I have an amicable relationship. We each have them 50% of the time.   I have been dating a man for 7 months. We are serious about moving forward together. We have been discussing moving into a bigger house together in November/December.   The kids were introduced to him slowly at about 4 months with an outing to the Harlem...
crashing looking for updates and to wish mama a speedy recovery and to welcome the babies :)        Love you Annette!            
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