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My 23 month old, somewhere around 20 months refused to ride in the cart and not insists on holding on to the side of the cart and riding.  We are also picking our nose now... and not to rat out my kind and loving MIL, but we also somewhere discovered that we like diet coke.  Not going to lie, that one ticked me off. '
Thanks a lot Turquesa!  That is awesome and empowering information!  
So here is the deal... I have an 18 month old bundle of joy, and in a normal world, I would be ecstatic to welcome another buddy to the bunch.  And on some level I am quite pleased to be pregnant again, but then reality sets in... I am about 1/2 way through CRNA school.  School is demanding.  All encompassing might be a good way to describe it.  And ORs are one giant teratogenic risk, especially as a student because I don't control my own practice habits yet. So, in...
Here is an idea: Grill chicken breasts sunday with extra for 2 meals, one chicken salad, the other chicken tacos, quesadillas, whatever. Also Bobali crusts for pizza.  
After a test today i am on a break from school but have to pay for daycare... She'll spend a lot of time at home and on my break.  But I am also going to clean the basement and work in the yard.  No guilt, stuff has got to get done.
29 and 30 respectively... between that and started a family, we suddenly felt VERY grown up!
In my area 75K gets you a modest home and a decent enough lifestyle... Especially if you are willing to live in the burbs. 100k you get to go on vacation and probably have decent cars.
When DH and I can buy eachother gifts for holidays... birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, whatever... So many holidays go unobserved by us. So when we can actually celebrate a holiday, it feels good.
I am in training to be a nurse anesthetist.  ORs can be famously... um, shall we say cold environments. Especially when training.  SOME preceptors delight in watching people fail and "pimping" (the act of asking challenging questions) often in front of others (to make you feel dumb) is accepted.  This is par for the course.  Not every preceptor delights in jerkiness, but some do.  So my usual preceptor is awesome.  She asks pimp questions, but quietly and directed only...
So I am training in a field where a little bit of abuse and hazing is considered a right.  I am fortunate to be at a great clinical site right now and am very protected by my preceptor.  However, she was out of town last week and I had to beg my way into rooms and experienced a lot of conflicting information, and one guy was just a bully (he was making fun of me in front of the lunch room, he is the director at another site, so soon I'll get to see him up close and...
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