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I am a single mom with 3 kids here and getting $240 a month plus WIC. But that's with me working part time.
I have a drying rack that is almost always set up in my living room now that my DD is old enough to understand not to pull it down.... It adds moisture to the air in the cooler weather and in the summer I usually use my clothes line. You can rinse/light wash a few things a night and hang them on the drying rack to dry. I started doing this with her diaper covers- rinse at the end of the day and hang up. My bathroom sink can hold a few shirts or one of her dresses, if it...
something I am considering... it is close to that but $325 a week after taxes, that comes to $16,900 a year if you include the 5 week months. If you only did the math as $325 x 4 then it would be $1300 a month. Mortgage (mortgage and taxes) $427 Food $280 ($70 a week) Gas $120 ($30 a week) Phone and internet $35 utils (water and lights/utilty bill) $160 Spending/Misc $100 Savings 100 Insurance (car, house and life) $78 ______________ Total = $1300 Tight...
We each have 2 bath towels- color coded. We also have one swimming towel each and those swim towells live in the swim bag, to keep them out of the way.
I have to have goals... usually a short term and a long term one. Right now my short term goal is to save for my mini vacation at th end of January and my long term one is to replace my wood stove with a newer, more efficient one.
try to sell them on Craigs list or something... see if you can make a few bucks and then you would hav the money, maybe, to buy one of the items you want.
a warm buttery yellow is what I am looking for for my living room... right now mine is like a "dirty white" and I hate it.... But I have gotten a few samples and none have been right yet... anyone have any specific paint color/brand rec's for this? To the OP- for the bedrooms, I always have the peoples who will be mainly using them decide what color they want. If kids tho I don't show them chips- I just ask them what color, because it seems kids will always pick the...
Is she too young for that?
"the Wonder Of Boys" by Gurian, great book... that said, does he have any signifigant male involved in his life? Unkle, Grandfather, family friend? anything???
It's only 6% so I would leave it to keep growing as retirement, especially with how young you are, by retirement age, that money will really have GROWN! I would just be as frugal as you can be with the rest of your spending, to free up as much money as possible to put on consumer debt.
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