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The twins are now a month old, and I finally stepped on a scale. I have lost a total of 55 lbs. I am lighter now than I was when we started this journey in 2008. I just hope the weight continues to come off, as I have about 25 lbs to go to reach my goal.   Keep up the awesome work mommas!!
Congrats!! They are perfect!
I just had it shipped sight to store. I remember with the boppy it always slipped around and needed adjusting. With the MBF there isn't any of that. It doesn't move, slip, it has awesome back support.  :)
Mama- It is the My Br.est Friend Deluxe. I had a boppy with DS, and hated it. This pillow is firm like memory foam. I love love love it. There is enough room for both babies, plus I have somewhere to rest my arms. It is large...you can wear it and walk through a doorway, but the sides of the pillow will rub on the doorway. I can send you some more pics of it if you...
  Miles has the blonde hair. I was pleasantly surprised to have such a blonde baby. DH is just as blonde, but I never thought we would make a blonde baby as my hair is super dark brown. We get alot of comments about people never before have seen such a white haired baby. Only once have we been asked if he is Albino.  
  Nursing is going great. Babies are 11 days old now. Big brother is doing great as well. Babies are sleeping on average of 5-7 hours at night, then in the day they are up every 3-4 hours. I wake them up to nurse and they get huge milk baths. I don't know how I got so lucky this time around. Jackson woke every 2 hours to nurse..I was so tired when he was a newborn.
I don't have alot of pictures on my computer. My sister uploaded them to facebook for me, so if anyone wants to see tons of pics..even labor and delivery room pics, just ask and I will add you as a friend :)    
Congratulations!! Welcome to the world!
Hey Ladies--   Well, Miles and Emily made it earth side on Sunday Sept 18th at 2:57 am and 3:02 am.   Miles weighed 7lb 14 oz and was 20 inches long.   Emily weighed 7lb 1 oz and was also 20 inches long.   I was induced Saturday afternoon using cytotec to ripen my closed cervix. It took one dose to get me contracting, and the second dose got my cervix to 3cm. They broke Miles' bag of water and placed a scalp monitor on him. My contractions started right...
Our baby girls name-- Emily Faith   Our baby boy has a first name-- Miles, but no middle name yet. I really wanted to use my Dad's first (Douglas) or middle (Bruce), but I am not loving the name.   Our last name is vowel-y and has a V in it, so names like Avery don't really flow.  Use the last name Elvis when thinking of a name, and you will see :)   Our DS is Jackson Robert.   Ugh, why are names so hard?    
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