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I think Trader Joe's has one, too.
Magna-Tiles and more MagnaTiles.
I was thinking the same thing.
Thanks for the UFYH suggestion. I just checked it out, and I think it's just what I need.
I think I missed that part. But I still think you need to talk with her if she's asking questions.
But it is what it is. Your mother has breasts, you didn't. So, you are not like your mother. There is no reason to believe that your DD will develop like you did. I think you need to tell her your truth.
My kids are adopted and will eligible for Medicaid until they are 18. DS received OT for two years to work on sensory and ADHD issues. He went weekly.
The 25' guideline from http://www.safetycops.com/grill_safety.htm comes from police officers. Who would, I assume, have no more expertise on the subject than anyone else. Most people I know, have their grills within five feet of their houses.
Done!It didn't take me anywhere close to 45 minutes to do.
I'll do it tomorrow.
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