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My kids are seven and nine. Khan Academy is not their thing.
You are talking about a program like time4learning.com, not an online charter (or other) type of formal school, right? I would try that website for a month and see how you like it. I've seen decent reviews online, but the demo activities aren't enough, IMO, to get a good picture.
Thanks for the information. How old is your son?
If I can afford it, I want to sign DS for the next intro class.
You need to use the PC version of Minecraft.
DS tried the demo, but there's not much to see. I'm really curious about the math, but I don't want to pay $20 to find out. He's been doing the two week trial of DreamBox Learning. We both like it. It's only math, though.
I had never heard about it, but it looks like something my nine-year-old would love.
I just got back from our consignment store. I bought the Miquon Lab Sheet Annotations and will go back to get the children's books, and hopefully cuisenare rods. My first grader played around with the DreamBox demo this afternoon and I played around with second and third grade. The K-2 section is harder to figure out but I really liked the 3-5 section. I think my DS is going to love it when he tries it.
We're just starting out and I think we're going to go with Miquon and possibly DreamBox. I used Miquon when I was a kid and just looking at it online feels homey. I have to figure out where to start with DS.
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