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Welcome to Mothering! As far as family is concerned, I must encourage you to do what YOU and your partner feel is right. You are the parents, you know your child better than anyone else. You know his needs, wants, and personality and how to best suit that. You are the ONLY ones equipped to make decisions such as circumcision and BFing. These are intimate decisions that are no buisness of theirs. Think of it this way...in 20 years what will matter more? The fact that you...
moving to Fort Collins this summer, would love to meet you guys! Have a 22 month old DD.:
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie poisonous snakes? in tasmania? nothing to worry about at all. tasmania doesn't have anywhere near the number of poisonous stuff as the mainland, and the headlines are way worse than the real incedences. I dunno majikfaerie. Everytime I visit your blog you have another pic of some gigantic bug or poisonous snake curled up in a corner somewhere! Eek! I'd still love to visit though.
To my family and friends. They are commenting constantly, "Isn't DD getting a little old for that?", "She's STILL nursing?!", "It's time to wean!". Infuriating. She is 21 months, still going strong and everyone talks about how radiant and healthy she is. Well how do you think she got that way people? Anyway, I am going to have to tell people to BACK OFF. I almost caved and thought about weaning but she really isn't ready yet and neither am I. Sigh...so sick of it.
sounds fine. My 21 month old still isn't too interested in other kids, but will play with older kids if she knows them well. It is really normal to be distrustful of strangers and people they don't see that often. We were traveling for a month and even after just that long DD was distrustful of old friends for a little while when we came back. Your little one sounds great, I love how he wants to play chef!
honolula...I would check out dreadlocktruth.com and there is a dreadlock forum on hipforums.com (but in my opinion it's kind of pretentious, but oh well I post there a lot too anyway). It depends on your hairtype and such but I think it's a great way to do it. I hated wax and just made my hair nasty. I backcombed loosely once and that's it. I don't think even backcombing is necesary, just jumpstarts the process. Don't know if that helps any but there's my two humble cents.
I agree with the PPs, follow your little one. DD has had a couple stomach bugs (she is 21 months) and she always nurses almost exclusively for a few days with the usual BM yellow poo. If it continues for too long I would worry in an older child, but at 13 months I think you are OK. Give it another week and reevaluate. Hope that helps....
I would consider my 21 month old pretty independent. She insists on doing things herself, constantly moves my hand away when I try to help her and always wants to imitate older children. HOWEVER there is NO way she could dress herself (she has tried) and usually isn't interested anyway. She can feed herself with her hands and silverware(sort of but not great) and is in NO way ready for potty training. At 12 months I couldn't have even BEGUN to think of her doing any of...
I really want to start doing homeopathic remedies for my family. (inspired by Peggy's "A Quiet Place" article in this month's mothering). I plan on getting at least one beginner's book. I am curious as to the best way to start though, did you get a kit, individual medicines as you used them? A combination of two? I am even considering homeopathy for my dog! I posted a poll to get a better idea of how most people started out...Thanks!
Nemesis...I don't have any firsthand experience but I think that it would take longer with braids. Since they are held in place by the braid I doubt your hair would have much chance to move around knot up. I guess it would "look" like dreads sooner but not really be knotted. Just my opinion though.
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