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I tried to put one in, but he got really upset, so I dropped it. However, I do trust him enough to not live with a nut.
I second what MamaJen said. Reach out to her as much as possible. After all, she could be feeling just as awkward trying to fit in your child's life I think it would be really helpful, especially after reading this: Quote: Does he love the kids? Yes, in a vague way. He loves them, he just doesn't love having kids. He doesn't love the way kids act. He gets angry, and they get scared of him, and they he gets angry at them for being scared of him, and then...
Love the ice scraper terminology.
This is what my stbx and I are trying. We still hang out as a "family", for example he'll come over for dinner once a week, etc. We plan on taking field trips together w/the kids and so on. I go over his parent's house all the time just to hang out. It makes sense for us, because then they can visit with the baby, who he does not have visitation with yet. The only snag in our situation is that while his family welcomes me into their lives still, mine does not welcome him....
Second to everything meemee said.
I'm not an atheist per se (I don't believe in an all-knowing, power figure God, but I do believe that there is an "energy" in all living things), but I am very much against organized religion. I do attend UU church, however, for the community aspect. A lot of ppl in my church are atheists. Very rarely is the word "god" mentioned in the sermons; instead they focus on self-growth and "spirituality".
I think its so important to respect their feelings and just explain how its ok to feel sad/angry/scared, etc. At first, my 3yr old reacted by crying for stbx at night for hours. My 5 yr old reacted by acting out. But I kept talking to them about how we both still love them and now my kids have accepted it. In fact, the other day my 5 yr old said to a cashier "My mommy and daddy don't live together anymore, but that's ok, b/c they both still love us and that means we are...
I'm keeping mine for my kids. My mom did that with her rings from my father (they divorced when i was 3) and I always treasured them.
I don't know...I wish there were shows that showed a single mother's life more realistically. Most do not live in big, fancy houses, are always put together, and constantly have a slew of family and friends dropping by to help out.
Here it takes 120 days after you file. I don't think it will take longer for us *knock on wood*
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