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[QUOTE=Lula's Mom;14780593]I searched for a long time and came up empty until someone recommended Dr. Hansen at Pediatric Dental Town. Lula's Mom: Thanks! (I also read a thread of yours from the archives.) I came across Dr. Hansen's name and was excited when you mentioned him. Does he do general anesthesia when needed? He'd be out-of-network, so I've researched his fees, too.
Anyone know about Drs. Dedra Davis-Wallace or Christine Scott (Dunwoody)? Our ped (Dr. Kute) suggested that with the amount of dd2's dental work & her age (26 mos), that general anesthesia would probably be best, since this would be done at a hospital. Dr. Susan Lee also gave me the same recommendation... She does not do anything other than the oral sedation & laughing gas treatments. On a similar note, any experiences with general anesthesia and a 2 yo?? All...
Thanks for all your replies! It's been such a long journey trying to find someone that is recommended AND on our insurance plan (UHC). I've also done some research on how much it might be for out-of-network dentists (we have a ppo plan). So, keep the recs coming! Thanks so much!
I'd love to open this discussion again! We're in a similar situation with our 26 month old dd... She needs work done on 11 of her teeth. Yikes! I'm at my wits end just trying to learn all the different options available.... And, I'm trying to do so before the year's over for insurance purposes. Ugh!! Is there any legal reason we couldn't go back with her while she's having the work done with oral sedation on her if she's having a hard time? Has anyone had...
Hey! I'm looking for ped dentist referrals in the Atlanta area... preferable on the north end, but, at this point, we'll travel. My 2yo (26 mos) daughter needs extensive treatment, so an office that can do the IV sedation is a plus. Is there a gentle dentist out there that will allow me to sit with my dd the entire procedure?? Thanks so much!
Ooops! Don't want to double post
What natural remedies do you all recommend for receding gum lines? I'm dreading going through the dental surgery my peridontist is recommending... skin grafts, etc. Any similar experiences? Did any of you who had receding gum lines treat naturally and avoid dental surgery? I'm gonna try and post a poll, too! I consider myself to have a good dental hygene regime, so the news is also a bit of a surprise.... I've always gotten compliments on my teeth. Yikes! ...
Quote: Originally Posted by GirlOutOfNY There is a great listserv also that helps a lot of Moms thru issues and are pretty nice people to boot!! http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group...pport/messages I think the name of the group has changed to Breastfeeding Support Group for Mothers... You can easily do a search on Yahoo Groups . Good luck! It's awesome that your setting up your support beforehand, too.
LLL of Dunwoody is now offering breastfeeding support meetings in Spanish. If you, or someone you know, are interested and would like more information, please feel free to contact one of the Leaders or go to www.LLLofDunwoody.org for more information. Spanish Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 10am - 12pm at Kingswood United Methodist Church. Thanks for helping spread the word! Spanish Meetings, Juntas en Espanol La Liga de la...
Are you on Facebook? If you are, then you might want to check out the Conference's site on FB. Nice way to put a name with a face, too! www.facebook.com Search under: "La Leche League of Georgia Area Conference"
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