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I almost forgot-   How do you handle things when a debt collector calls you on the phone? Say, you know you cannot afford to pay them (they always want a payment plan as soon as they talk to you in person, and they usually take hefty fees-some even saying half of your payment goes towards their collection fees!)   instead of not answering the phone-how do you answer the phone, explain your situation and get them to stop calling (which does not mean you are...
I am so tired of my financial situation. Here is it, another holiday season and I am still plagued by bank fees, and shutoff notices. Behind on rent and stressed just about the normal monthly bills-not even taking into account the 'holiday' stuff, like a present for our kids.   I am still making things at home for sale-trying to earn what money I can. Thinking of selling my daughter's violin (she switched instruments and no longer uses it)   We are in a better...
Bank fees are killing me. 
I have dreads the same age, and I used some conditioner last week on a few of the really bad psoriasis spots of my scalp. It was just some regular conditioner that I rubbed into the spots-I had no issues with any sort of 'undreading'    If I were to use conditioner on the bulk of my dreads I would use either avocado peels (we go through a lot of avo around here and I am always rubbing the peels on everyone-waste not want not!) or perhaps some coconut...
hydrogen peroxide scares me-I have jet black (and grey!) roots and I would worry that it would bleach my hair. Also, the BURNING!! I have a some raw spots (one morning I woke up to my scalp on fire and my fingernails drenched in blood because I had been furiously scratching in my sleep!) and the peroxide canb be quite burning.   But hey, If i can use my own urine on my scalp for a month, maybe peroxide shouldn't scare me so!    
My sister is sending me some Pascalite, and I was wondering if anyone has used it on skin to heal psoriasis scales?   (I am eager to try it for chronic Diarrhea, dental care, etc as well!)
thank you for the suggestion, I have tried that shampoo like I said-but my sister just told me she is going to send me some pascalite clay to try, so I will try that next! "just keep swimming" lol
Its been 11 months since I started this dread journey...the only thing that frustrates me is my psoriasis. I have flaky/crusty/scaly spots all over. Usually when I have brushable hair my scalp goes through cycles-I have never had to deal with nonstop flaking. I think the only thing that is really different in that I do not use conditioner anymore-I wonder if that was actually doing my scalp some good?    I still have a crazy amount of loose hairs that need worked...
I responded by PM but just wanted to say in this thread that we have worked with Linsey and she is a consummate professional and was wonderful at our birth.     This thread looks a little old, but I am wondering if anyone has worked with the midwives Linsey Kornya and/or Barb Hoffmeier in St. Louis? Any feedback you can provide in a PM would be great. Thanks.    
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