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HA HA HA! BabySmurf! That's really funny!   Happy to make you laugh, Quinalla!
Last weekend my husband and I were out with our kids and our LO needed to eat. Naturally, I just started breastfeeding her, but then I felt a little exposed because we were suddenly surrounded by a bunch of people, so I asked for my nursing cover. He responded, "Why? If people stare, just shoot them with some milk!" We had a good laugh and then I said, "I don't think my aim or distance is nearly that good, Babe." He was shocked by this admission. "Why not!? What do you...
The comments around the web on this article are so shocking. SO MANY people are going on about how this is pornography and molestation and men saying how wrong it is in one sentence and how they want to take a turn in the next. It's a real sad reflection on where we stand in terms of lactivism and breastfeeding education. This cover is clearly meant to drum up publicity and, as one comment said, "raise eyebrows, not awareness." I worry that the way the public reacts to...
LOL! purplerose, I would LOVE to see video of that! I have never heard of a baby growling its self to sleep. I can see how it would be annoying if it happened every time and was loud, but it sounds really funny! I could see a video of that going viral. 
"This video is private." :(
What kind of cover are you using? I used prefolds all the way through with my DS. When he was in a cover that had velcro (my fav is Dappi), I never had to pin them. To speed things along I prep the new diaper before taking off the old one, then I just throw it on and close it just like a sposie.
Sounds like she's just teething to me. Could this be it?
I am currently using prefolds with doublers and Dappi covers. I'm converting my excess prefolds into fitteds. This is my favorite system and one I used a lot with my DS. I have used every type of diaper they make (though not every brand), and this is  my favorite. The covers are crazy cheap (I paid 18 for 6 covers brand new on Ebay) and they have gussets. Fitteds are made to hug the leg so between a fitted diaper and the gussets on the cover we have almost no blowouts....
How are things going? Did you find something that works?
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