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thanks for the ideas everyone.  I just got an AWESOME tortilla press, definitely time to try some wraps!  
Thanks, I am going to google bento after this.  I have seen something that I think is similar although was called something else.  Moms use a mini muffin tin (the silicone ones) with either 6 or 12 muffin "compartments" and fill each one with a little bit of a different food.  Same idea but without the fancier presentation although that could be incorporated.  I think I'll give it a try, thanks! 
Great!  Thank you for all the ideas.  I am making a list of lunch ideas to pull from when I am making the grocery list.  I'll gladly add more to my list if anyone thinks of anything else.  We have tried some soups but they end up mainly for me, my girls don't seem to like soup very much.  We have also recently done bean and cheese quesadillas. 
Besides being tired of sandwiches all the time.  I am trying to cut back on bread and crackers and other refined carbs.  I am at a standstill with my weightloss and think this might help.  I am not going no/low carb just a bit less than I eat now because well,  I am a bit of a carb junkie so this should be good for me.  I need to eat more veggies as do my daughters.  So I need some ideas to get myself and my daughters out of the PB&J and other sandwiches rut.  Thanks in...
I started no-poo this past July and it has been great.  My dandruff problem is much much better (almost completely gone) and the itchiness problem I had is so much better too.  But all of a sudden in early Nov.  I started battling breakouts on my forehead.  I don't know that it is related to no-poo or not but I haven't changed anything else that I use on my face.  I did turn 30 (hormonal?  I didn't think hormonal breakouts were targeted on the forehead though)  My...
thanks for the info.
I am sitting here swinging my legs while I once again try to find some information on RLS. I have not gone to the doctor for a diagnosis but from the descriptions I have read it sounds exactly like what I am dealing with. Well tonight I found some info on "healing" RLS with diet and supplements (and no they were not selling the supplements,lol) I am not one that likes to take a lot of supplements (I can not swallow pills, I have been trying for years) so I take a...
The recipe I currently use is pretty good but just looking to try something else. Also the ww bread I make is very filling, not sure if that is just because it is all whole wheat flour. DH normally can eat a whole sandwich along with a piece of fruit and some yogurt but since I started baking our bread he gets filled up quicker at lunch when he has a sandwich. Here is the recipe I am currently using... http://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/rec...ead14152.shtml also, when...
finally found it, yay!
that was recommended in a crockpot cooking thread. I cannot find it. The post stated that the book had a great lentil sloppy joe recipe and many other great crock pot recipes. If anyone knows the title of this book I would appreciate any info. Thanks!
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