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With dd3, we just kept saying "Oprah."
If he still wants to suck (and is otherwise upping his food/drink during the day), you could consider giving him a small bottle of water with a slow flow nipple on it. You could hold/snuggle/rock him while he had it (so he could get the mama time he wants). How old is your LO? Could he understand that the milkies are empty (after 30-45 mins of nursing) until later? Hang in there!
I recommend you discuss this situation with the teacher. I've been to many Music Together classes, and they ALL have a rule about no running. They let kids be kids in lots of ways, but the no running rule is a safety issue, and the teacher should address that with all the parents in general and (sounds like) with this particular parent specifically. Sorry your little one got hurt.
I read her whole series as a kid, and I was disappointed that the movie didn't match the book EXACTLY.
due date crashing...i just had dd3 in January and I went to my cleaning as usual in November. Had a normal cleaning, no xrays. Dentist was not surprised/upset. (Am I the only one thinking "poor Mrs Duggar must have some rotten teeth by now if her dentist has this rule"?)
Guess it just must vary by child...my first two, their poop didn't stain anything at this age, including diapers. This baby, clothes are stain-free, but her prefolds and wipes are stained BAD, even with cold rinse, hot wash with plenty of detergent, two rinses. Normally, a bit of staining in dipes doesn't bother me, but these look so bad, it looks like they haven't been washed! (Hmm, just realized, it could be the machine at our rental place...will be moving back home...
Well I don't like Miss all by itself, since I have three kids and grey hairs, etc. Seems like Ma'am fits better. But I do agree it's better than "hey you." Although some of my girlfriends and I address each other as Miss Firstname so that our kids would learn to do the same. I got so used to it that even when the kids aren't with us, I still call my friend Miss Ann! However, that was by mutual agreement. I have another friend that said being called Miss Firstname by my...
Not a reaction, simply "banana poop." Scary though, isn't it? Just wait until your baby eats black olives or sliced mushrooms. Now THAT'S scary!
Sometimes it helps to say things like "tickle her toes" or "whisper to her" as a way to head them off from shouting their love into the baby's face.
Sounds like it could be a UTI (urinary tract infection).
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