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Me too! My bday is 1/24, and my edd is 1/17 (or 1/18, I'm still arguing with the ob).
I was in today (6w6d) for a "viability scan." Sounded creepy, but I saw the tiny heartbeat and my OB put my due date at 1/18/09 based on the scan (1/17/09 going by LMP). It was very exciting! Although with my 2 dd's, I wasn't seen until 10 weeks. I'm scheduled to go back in 3+ weeks (at 10w2d) to start the "regular" OB appointments.
Add me to the list of "only 6 weeks but i look like 14 weeks" mamas, and I'm assuming it's because this is my third. I wouldn't mind, I guess, except that I'm not planning to tell my work until 10-12 weeks, and it's hard to fit into about half of my regular clothes, and if I wear "roomy" clothes (heaven forbid maternity!), I look most certainly pg! I'm self-conscious about it, too, because it seems so darn soon. The baby is only the size of a lentil!
We refer to this one as Kid 3.0 .
No chart...was trying to be low-key about it. DH was already crabby these last few months and never "in the mood" when he "needed" to be. Sigh. So this month I just peed on the predictor sticks for about 6 days, finally got the signal the O was imminent, had one night of bd with dh that night, crossed my fingers, and whammo...positive test 9 dpo. I'm so grateful. Was nervous that it would be harder now, since the last time we tried to get pregnant was 8 and 5 years ago...
Okay, so I couldn't wait...and tested yesterday...at 7am, and again at 6pm...both were faint but BFP! Tested again this morning on a digital and BFP again! Of course, I have 3 tests left, so that means I'll test for the next three mornings. Excited, but worried since it's so early.
Trying to hold off testing until Friday, 5/9 (which would be 14dpo), but I know I won't be able to wait that long!
So I got the 2 lines on my OPK exactly 48 hours ago...but we haven't BD at all this cycle. If we do tonight, is there a shot that it will make a baby? I don't want to miss the window!
Update...still spotting...now it's red, and I had full-fledged bleeding for a while today. I called my OB's office to see if they would at least order bloodwork (like 2 betas and a progesterone), but the nurse called back and said "the doctor wants to wait." They did move up my scan to 2/1, so I guess I just have to wait until then to see if we can see anything...or not. Kinda worried. Trying to trust that what will be, will be, and that whatever happens will be for the...
Yay! Glad you were able to do it and hope the next few times are so easy you don't even "notice"!
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