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Very spirited! Hope you can breathe a sigh of relief now!
What a lovely surprise for you, and what a cool thing for her!
Shockingly fantastic! (Or fantasticly shocking?!)
Well, it's actually a window cling, not a bumper sticker, but it says "Changing the World, One Cloth Diaper at a Time"...but my girls are both out of diapers. Time to switch to something else! Maybe I'll get the "Plastic Bags Blow" sticker! But that will force me to remember the canvas bags when I hit the market.
Staying well-hydrated (just plain water, lots of it) helps, too.
I've never heard of that before, but then again, I've never had a firefighter come to my house for a fire to tell me that! I'd go with his professional opinion. Could your mom come to your house instead of your kids going over there?
I love it that he said that, especially on The View! That's perfect!
I won't tell you to nightwean, but I will encourage you to do whatever you feel is best for BOTH of you...whatever that is (distract, delay, limit, offer more during the day?). Hope you figure out something that gets you some more rest! Crossing my fingers for you!
New Posts  All Forums: