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Omg, I can totally appreciate what the Sea Shepherds are trying to do, but the total incompetence of most of the crew is insane. How can you have a first mate (Peter Brown) who doesn't know how to steer. Through ICE, while in a ship not rated for ICE???!!?!? I wonder if the volunteers knew they were signing up for a suicide mission, cause it certainly seems like it. I almost wonder if the main guy (name is blanking) wouldn't love the press that would bring to have the...
They don't have teeth, it freaks me out. They look like old dudes without their dentures.
Backyardigans, Little Bill, and getting into Toot and puddle too. I have a soft spot for the backyardigans, we even play the cd's in the car!
Quote: Originally Posted by Max'sMama I hope it gets better for you soon. Have you thought of evicting yourself to another bed with #3? That's what we did, DD is in the master bed with DH, and I moved to the spare room with DS.
We donated it with both of our kids.
Same hospital for both births, was cathed for the first one, but not the second. I was able to pee by myself about one hour after the birth, so didn't need to get one afterwards, and they hadn't put one in beforehand.
Quote: Originally Posted by mammaof5andcountin Well, my children do not get pop, nor do I or my husband drink it. but this statement here, have you read it to see how you sound? It doesnt sound like you are simply asking a simple harmless question, sounds like an accusatory witch hunt... I would really use my edit button........... I totally agree, I'm surprised no one had called her on it yet.....
It was originally said to be an online hacker, but now Amazon is saying it was a glitch, and that they're updating all the books to once again appear on best selling lists and such... http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/htm...bamazon14.html
Quote: Originally Posted by rach03 Oh, where did you find the pink legos? That would be nice to mix in with the red/blue/yellow/green primary colors to have some variety! This is the box, http://shop.lego.com/Product/?p=5585...csena&hqs=5585 But you can get it all over the place (Target, TRU, etc...) It's fantastic
I do agree, but can I also add that I freaking love the pink lego box, it's got 3 fantastic shades of pink lego, plus orange and a cool lime green. It's about freaking time!! This is one set that I can totally get behind Of course I also am terribly fond of the color pink.
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