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Check out the Book of Yum blog/website.  All the recipes are gf and vegetarian and she has kids!  I have found some really good stuff there (including buckwheat crepes with a savory mushroom filling).  Now, I'm hungry again and just had breakfast....
I really liked this.  Thanks for sharing it!
Yes---this is definitely what I try to do with her.  Part of the reason why the asking if she is pretty question bothered me the other day was that it came right on the heels of the fact that she had gone ice skating for only the 2nd time that day (it was the 1st time I got to go with her too) and we were talking about how awesome it was because she was so incredibly scared to try it last year and how she was working on doing something new and fun and how great that felt...
She gets lots of unsolicited compliments about her appearance (from me and many others), so I don't think she's lacking in that department.  I know it's fine that she wants to be told that she is attractive, but I also want to do whatever I can to plant seeds now to help her later when that can become almost obsessive for girls in the tween and teen years. 
My 4 1/2 year old DD has been asking me this lately.  On one hand, I get the desire to be told something reassuring and positive about your appearance, but on the other hand, it's kind of breaking my heart.  I know some of this is my baggage--my desire for her to feel good about herself--to know she is smart, strong, funny and unique, as well as pretty, and my worries about what lengths she would possibly go to if she doesn't believe this for herself as she gets older....
Not exactly non-messy but not too bad either: Hummus and veggie sticks Guacamole with chips you can make from jicama and some corn tortilla chips, if the corn-free person isn't so allergic that it can't be around Fruit kabobs or fruit salad Gluten-free crackers (the grain free people can skip them) with smoked salmon and cucumber slices   Hope that helps a little!
We do the gluten-free Bell & Evans ones too.  DD loves them and usually gets them once a week when we have dance class night and I really do need to have something as simple as put on tray and heat. 
Thank you for all the information and ideas.  I had already been thinking about the issue of whether to/how much to supplement at home, leaving her even less to learn at school.  For a little while (between ages 2-about 3.5) she was a bottomless pit of interest---space, geography, science, whatever.  Honestly, some days I felt like I could barely keep up.  But it all changed before she turned 4 and she seemed to shift away from that to more imaginative and physical play....
Yep, that's the one I have---bummer on not being able to get it where you live.  
Thank you for all that.  It really helps to have a sense of some of the options and potential pitfalls coming up.  
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