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I use it to coat the pan when we make pancakes or waffles.  And it's in our fave teff oatmeal raisin muffin.  I've also used it as the fat for baked oatmeal. YUM!
We went through a really intense phase of this with DD.  I think at the worst point, she would cry and sob for over 30 minutes at a go.  A lot of times I would let her know, "I wish I could change this but I can't.  I know you are scared and upset and I can hold you for as long as you want".  So I'd just sit there and hold her while she cried.  When she was all cried out for the time being, I'd tell her she can talk to me about it any time and then try to find something...
They are pricey but the No Slippy Hair Clippy bows work perfectly.
I like the red quinoa cooked and then add lots of lemon juice, some good olive oil and sea salt and then a generous portion of toasted sunflower seeds.  Very nice in summer!
Yep, we're over there--come join us!
It took me a little while to want to make my own crust, mostly because of the rolling it out part.  I have really bad spatial sense sometimes and getting something rolled out right always frustrated me.  I bought one of those goofy circle bags where you flour the inside, throw the dough in, zip it up and roll out.  It was a very well spent $5. I'm sure I'd get better at rolling it out over time, but this is just easier for me right now.   
You might enjoy some books written by Western teachers, but with deep training with traditions.   Buddha Is As Buddha Does by Lama Surya Das might be a good place to start.  Also, anything by Tara Brach or Jack Kornfield.  I think they all do a great job with making the traditions applicable and present for our lives today.  Who around here hasn't at times felt unworthy or struggled with the suffering of being in close relationship with others?  I came to these from a...
Sounds great.  My fave camping treat is banana boats--slit a banana (peel still on) length-wise but don't cut all the way through.  Stuff slit with pieces of chocolate, wrap the whole thing in foil and cook in fire embers for a little while, drag out with stick, open and eat with spoon.  GF and delicious!!!!
We have YogaKids, Storytime Yoga: The Peddler's Dream and Family Yoga with Rodney Yee (and family!).  DD is 4 and has liked them all but seems to like the last one best now--it has kids and parents together doing yoga.  Namaste
With the exception of the c-section, I could have written that exact same post.  So, I totally hear where you are coming from.  DH and I have been round and round on this so much...  At this point, I am not willing to take the cons in order to get the pros (DH is but I'm not and my vote carries more weight because I carry the babies) so we are sticking with the one child we have.  Since I'm in my late 30's, I have left the door open for future changes of heart (nobody...
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