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Same here.  DD has cough-variant asthma and things were much better for us this year after we had a good protocol going daily and knew what to do every step of the way whenever any little thing went amiss (sniffles equal going into battle mode here)  instead of trying to get it back under control after it had gotten really bad.  She ended up taking more medication than I would have thought to give her regularly, under careful Dr. orders, but it kept her out of the ER...
So sorry you had to deal with this ignorant comment.  I've gotten those kinds of statements before and they made me mad too.  (HUGS) At least you know it's a crazy statement and has nothing to do with your DD and plenty to do with the mindset of the person that made the comment.  Hope you were able to blow it off after venting and enjoy the rest of your day.     DH and I just finished spending a zillion and a half (it feels like) dollars on some couples therapy sessions...
Cool--I didn't know that!   Also thought of one more--Great Day.  Eddie From Ohio has an awesome a cappella version.  
She loves imaginative play--it's what she does most of the time.  She'd have a blast in it this year--I just wasn't sure how they age into it.  Sounds like if it's big enough, she might enjoy it for a while (especially now that she's getting old enough to want to have friends over to play).
Gluten is in wheat, spelt, barley and rye (plus others but these are the most common) but not in many other grains that are very nutritious, like teff, amaranth, millet, sorghum, rice, quinoa and a bunch of others (oats can be tricky--they are GF but are often x-contaminated in processing, but there are certified GF oats out there).  We had a red quinoa and toasted sunflower seed with lemon juice and olive oil side dish last night that was healthy and delicious.  You...
What about Morning Has Broken?  Not really a hymn, but a song that might fit the bill.  
Thanks for the input.  I'll talk to the folks and see what they had in mind for size and mull it over. 
DD will be 4 this summer.  My parents asked me if she'd enjoy one of those playhouses that go outside in the yard.  While I think she would really like it now, I wonder how much longer that interest would hold.  It's one of those things that I think would have been a better choice at age 2 or 3 so she'd get more time out of it.  But I don't know--do 5 or even 6 year olds still like those?   Any words of wisdom?
Same as most pps here too--DD drinks mostly water, some milk, some sparkling water and tea (all kinds, green, black, herbal, hot or cold).  Juice is a few times a month--we don't buy it for home usually and it's a treat, like if DH and I are having wine or beer she gets juice. 
We are just at the beginning of this with DD (she'll be 4 this summer) but I feel pretty strongly about the allowance issue because I think that my parents did me a HUGE favor by teaching me to manage my own money early in life.  Like I said, DD is still small, so she gets very small amounts of money.  She loves comic books, especially the big, expensive ($10!) ones.  We buy comics for her but she would want one every week if she could, so we have her save for them and...
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