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TADG WILLIAM MICHAEL (boy) =) Birthdate/Time: May 29, 2009 5:59pm EDD: May 16th or May 21st, depending on if you believe doctors or my own knowledge of my cycle length, LOL Weight/Length: 8 pounds 10 ounces, 20 inches Arrival: UC in the water (2nd UBAC)
You too? =) I'm 24 weeks today and just measured myself...and I'm measuring just shy of 33 weeks, jeesh, I can't even breathe or waddle, LOL.
Sorry I've been gone awhile, I didn't think anyone would reply. =) I'm near the West Side, very close to Culver City.
Congrats! I've been waiting for your update =)
Quote: Originally Posted by Sadie Lake I updated my post 86 for 24 week belly shots. I don't look as big as I am in these pictures. They look about the same as my 22 weeks pix, but I'm now measuring 29-30 cm, so I know I'm about 5cm bigger than I was just 1.5 weeks ago. I'm going for an u/s on Tues to rule out twins. I'll let you all know what we find out! Sadie Hey, I'm measuring a little over 30 weeks at 23 weeks right now, looking...
Same here, day 5 of my current plague. Feel better.
Same boat here at 21 weeks momma =) And I've never had one before 41 weeks *sigh*
Oh yes, the round ligament pain is intense, sometimes I forget and try to switch sides at night and then wake up DH screaming and crying, I get it every time but somehow I always forget. I don't have a "they" we do UP/UC so we don't see docs or midwives and I measured ahead with my last babe and am also pretty darn fat so I'm assuming that must be it, and I know measurements don't always mean much but yeah, 4 weeks ahead I'd understand, 10 weeks ahead...just not cool. I...
I am 20 weeks. This is my third pregnancy. I already can't breathe, I am measuring over 30 weeks, and I am having so much pressure on my cervix that it's uncomfortable to sit or stand. Basically I feel like I usually feel at 36 weeks and on. The heartburn is pretty epic as well. There you have it, my complaint of the day. :
Oh yes, he loves to hit windows. But he also knocks on things when he wants them, like he knocks on the laptop when he wants to see it open, things like that. But the window thing is extra special to him. If it was remotely safe I wouldn't care but my DS is tall, strong, agile, and about the size of a 6 year old. We measured the window in the kids room last night and are buying metal baby gates and installing them inside the frame just to be extra safe. Their room is...
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