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you should be so proud of yourself! congratulations on your sweet baby girl :)
OMG cathy that's a gorgeous bellycast. sexy mama!! ;0)
thought I'd post a belly shot before this pregnancy is over!! I am loving all these gorgeous maternity photo-shoot pictures. mine is a crappy cell phone pic! not fair! :)   37 weeks, 2 days!
darn it. tested positive. :'( not looking forward to the saline-lock but it's better than a full blown IV I suppose.  Just have to make sure I get to the hospital "in time" now... 
Well, just had my appointment and got to swab myself... hope I did it right! lol  Will find out next week my results! fingers crossed...
I'm testing next week, have been talking probiotic pearls, drinking kefir, eating garlic and avoiding sugar/yeast.  We'll see!
you all look so beautiful!! i really need to take more belly pix.... these are great :)
yes to protein in the AM!  blood suagr spikes the highest in the morning naturally, so you want to combat that with a hearty protein/fat-packed meal.   I usually have one of the following - full fat organic kefir + berries + a sprinkle truvia sweetener = awesome probiotic smoothie - eggs, scrambled in butter with diced ham, onion, cheddar - good ol' fashioned bacon n' eggs - greek yogurt + berries + roasted pecans or almonds (a good substitute for...
I was out of the Church (Salvation Army) before I had a baby, and felt pressure, but not too intensely. It helped that I lived out of state for awhile, I think.  My husband was raised in a Unitarian Church, so no pressure on that end at all.  I did a lot of "hmmm, probably not..." It can be hard, but it helps if you stay calm and nonchalant about it all!   I would definitely recommend the following books for support and encouragement! Raising Freethinkers and...
congrats, mama! and excellent advice from Snanna--- which is great advice for all moms with new babies, I think!    
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