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I suggest as others id that you talk to your lawyer about your rights.  Whether she even can move with the baby if you contest if she stays to have the baby in St. Louis.  What your options are legally.  How the courts in your area look upon a man willing to be in the life of his child but unable/unwilling to move to another state on the whim of the mother.  Etc.  It really is situational.  The best advice in your circumstance that you will get is from a trusted lawyer...
No, we do go 5 days without seeing them.  However, I get them any day during the day he is a work and I am home.  So, sometimes I go that long without seeing them, but with me substituting at my daughter's school, being a girl scout leader and being ultra involved, it's not too often I go the full five days without spending time with them.    
We follow the 2/2/3 schedule.  It helps though to have certain days that are mine and days that are his.  We plan activities around that and the kids feel confident about where they are going.  This is ours:  MT-mom, WTh-dad, FSaSun-every other.  That way, on Tuesday, my youngest is already prepped for a "mom day".  No potential confusion or disappointment.  We don't change schedule that often.  Maybe switch a weekend here and there.  It also helped plan afterschool...
Not without consent of both the parent giving up custody and the parent retaining custody.  Don't forget that with adoption comes child support.
  I love it!
One note about facebook.  He can unblock you whenever he wants. Please take the extra step and block him as well.  Just add his email into the block page.  That way, when he tries to weasel back in, he still can't see you or your son.
Oh and get him blocked on FB.  Block him on your son's too.  Whether or not you think he won't contact you again, protect your son from it please.  I am so glad to see such a positive update. 
Congrats on the pregnancy!     So I wasn't accepted into grad school.....time to formulate a new plan.  Taxes were deposited today.  Now to not touch it til I figure out what to do with it all.  I also received the second half of CS yesterday. Money is there, but I don't have much.  I just finished typing a paper that is due today.  Now to head into school, work in the lab for a few, go to class and turn in the paper, take the kids to gymnastics, grab food, go the...
Yes, final a temporary order of support immediately.  That was one of the biggest things I should have done but didn't.
Okay, so still $0 in CC debt.  I owe about $2000 to my divorce lawyer but will pay that off with taxes.  I am fighting a couple debts due to medical bills/paperwork/insurance.  All that is left is the car and student loans.  I really need to make time tonight and fill out the economic hardship deferments for the loans.  I'm going to do paperwork tonight when the kids go to their dad's.  That is final
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