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The first time I had a helluva time, too! I just took a break and then tried again later. Re-read the instructions a few times, just for good measure. It took me quite a few tries, but once I got it, that was it. I've been loving my Diva ever since! I hope you get it figured out!
Have you made soap before? What kind of soap? Bar soap? Liquid? Do you want to make it from "scratch" or buy a pre-made base?
(((((((hugs)))))))) I am in the same boat, almost. DH had a vas done and I have been on board with being done having kids. Until just the other day, when my most cared about friend announced her pregnancy! Of course, I am so happy for her! And wishful for myself. It's hard, but I know I am just going through a phase, and soon I'll once again be glad to be done. I hope it doesn't last long. More hugs!
I just started the "couch to 5K" program from coolrunning.com, so my goal is to run a 5K race.
www.everydayminerals.com I love this place! Very affordable, you can choose a lot of different shades (including pale!) and you get to pick what size you want of most products. There's a free sample under "kits" where you pay shipping. I would definitely try it!
Quote: Originally Posted by darlintxmomma wow this is the first time ive ever heard of going shampoo-free...it sounds awesome. i would love to try it but my concern is that my hair tangles severely. im naturally seriously greasy with long fine straight hair but it tangles to bad it almot makes me cry. would going poo-free help that or make it worse? what do you recommend for this problem? My 4yr old DD has curly, snarly hair and this works...
I've looked into this quite a bit and the best one I've found is Culligan's under sink filter for around $100. It's cheaper than many other brands, but filters more junk out. HTH
Is there anywhere near you for clinical trials? They usually pay well and are on (usually) very safe drugs. Not everyone can do them, but your DH might be able to swing a weekend one and they pay really well.
I reuse my folgers plastic coffee cans for this and a lot of other things. nak
Welcome!!! I am also a Heather from ND!! I hope you'll enjoy this forum!
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