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I hunt deer, duck, goose, pheasant, etc.. It helps with the grocery budget and I think is much healthier than meat from the store.
On a side note, many people find Effexor incredibly hard to stop taking. Addictive, with some of the nastiest withdrawls. Not everyone, but quite a few people I've known have had problems with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Honestly? Especially with how young your baby is- I would RUN from drs. who insist you wean. There are plenty of nursing-safe medications. There are no pros to weaning at this point. It's just going to short-change your daughter and make parenting her harder. good luck. -Angela I agree 100%
Quote: Originally Posted by bburnie2 Yeah- I only "soap" up about once a week b/c my skin gets too dry. I think were all lead to believe we need to suds up at every shower/bath or were not clean. I know I used to think that! ITA! I have a friend that is very curious about why I don't "stink like a dirty hippie" as she so delicately says! : I mentioned that I shower with water and that my skin isn't that "dirty" if I have been...
Quote: Originally Posted by miziki Ooooohhhhhh yeeeeaaaaaahhh - KING, baby. And keep that queen handy to butt up next to the king because they only get bigger, taller, and in need of more space. And then someday when all of you are ready, you can gradually transition the entire queen bed, along w/ child, to the "big boy room" and still have enough bed real estate in your son's room to snuggle him to sleep comfortably. Exactly this.
Most of the time, I just use a washcloth with water. When I want something different, I can exfoliate with baking soda or a sugar scrub or any number of things I have in my kitchen. "Natural" doesn't have to be expensive. You could also try your hand at making your own soap.. that way you can really customize what you need.
I've heard others say that they use coconut oil..? Is that right? I've been using honey and every few days honey/bs and my skin is starting to even out now. I love it! Regular cleansers leave my skin sooo dry, but I still break out! And I spend so much time and money trying to find a heavy moisturizer to make up for all the extra cleansing.. Anyway.. this has been working great for me, but it's still pretty dry here so I was wondering about a moisturizer. ...
You can use it as a toner on your face.
I really like Everyday Minerals. They have free samples that last quite a while, and you only pay shipping (for me, was only $3!). They are very affordable, compared to some mineral makeups, and I haven't had any problems with the makeup itself. www.everydayminerals.com
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