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Hey ND mamas! The Grand Forks farmer's market starts this Saturday, June 21st. The market runs every Saturday from 9-2 and has live music from 10 to 1. It would be great to spread the word and see more people at the market! The website is www.tsfarmersmarket.com to find out what bands are playing and what activities are going on. See ya there!
The one thing we can't live without is our chalkboards. We rescued a huge chalkboard (maybe 3'X11') from an old school and took the edging off, then cut it up into 1 big sqare and the other half into 4 small squares. So we have a sqare chalkboard on the wall, and 4 small ones (around 18" square) that the kids can carry around. I live in a terribly small apartment, so that's all I have to offer!
stealing domesticzookeeper's format! WhisperV I made it clear from the beginning that dreads were my DD's well thought out choice, and it would hurt her feelings if they said anything hurtful about them. Strange looks, and even sarcasm go way over her head still, thankfully. Everyone has been surprisingly ok with it. One of my sisters said that she didn't like DD's dreads, but she told me on the phone and wouldn't say anything to DD. I don't expect everyone to like...
We are temporarily living in a town of about 40,000 but our "real life" is a few miles from a town of 200, 20 miles from a town of 1000 or so, and about 95 miles from a town of 55,000. I don't know any other hsers there, that I can think of. I am sure they are out there, but I wasn't actively hsing yet when we moved.
Most recent pics of my DD: http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f1...t=IMG_6287.jpg http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f1...t=IMG_6305.jpg katbomumof3, I think we all have those moments, whether we have dreads or not!
domesticzookeeper, your locks look awesome!
jhow, I hope you get some good responses from your city council members! I am not sure what they do here in grand forks. I hadn't even thought to look into it, honestly.
Sorry, defer to Zeldamom! In ND the tests aren't required every year, but it appears they are in MN. Zeldamom, where are you? We are also considering moving to MN after DH graduates and I think generally MN homeschooling laws are less strict than those in ND.
I am right on the MN/ND border, on the ND side, but I know our homeschooling group hosts required testing every year. They aren't required every year, I don't think. Let me go look! Where are you moving to? I am in the Grand Forks area.
domesticzookeeper, it's just so frustrating! Her Dad shows up once a year, at best, and hardly ever calls. I really worked hard to make sure he had a lot of freedom with DD's care, picking her up and having her for a few days without me being too involved, etc.. and that's hard for me! Then they just go and prove that they will point blank lie, I mean.. what else are they lying about?
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