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Well, here's a pic of DD from last night with her hair up. http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f1...t=IMG_6111.jpg I am still pretty mad at her Dad and SM, but I haven't had a chance to talk to them yet.
Ok, I am having a bit of a time tonight, ladies! I picked up my DD today. Her gramma picked her up from her dad's yesterday, then had her overnight, and I got to get her home today - for the first time in a whole week! Anyway.. She kept saying how StepMom kept trying to take out one of her dreads! I said: Oh, like comb it out? DD: No, like TAKE it out, mom. Me: You mean, the string? DD: yeah.. no. She tried to take it out, but she couldn't. So I...
I am having a lot of fun looking at pictures on the flickr group "Dreaded Together" ! I think I am going to let me hair grow a bit longer and maybe try dreads. Probably this next winter. I was preparing to do them this summer, but ended up with a very bad haircut that was bad enough I had to cut my hair off at my chin! My DD loves her locks, and her dad was okay with them, too. He asked her what she had in her hair (she still has neon green/yellow string...
Hey, guys! My DD is still loving her locks! She sometimes gets angry when I am trying to separate them, but it's nothing compared to having to brush twice a day! I am a bit nervous for her, though. Her bio-dad is coming this weekend to visit and then she'll spend a few days with him. He hasn't seen her since last summer, and I'm nervous that he'll say something hurtful about her beautiful dreads. He's a very mainstream "good ole boy" and really not that open...
I wouldn't think it would be a problem. It isn't hard to find soap made without soy, though. It isn't a common soap ingredient, if you're looking at natural soaps.
I found some cheap mesh bags in the automotive dept that are just drawstring plain bags. They work great and are probably 4/$4.
I second the YMCA suggestion. Ours is great, and you can also qualify for scholarships to reduce the membership price (if you want to become a member). We just finished a round of swim classes, 2 days a week. That was plenty, in addition to our regular schedules.
I have been letting my DD's air dry for the most part. They aren't too thick, but she has afternoon swim lessons and sometimes she leaves her hair down so I blowdry the strings a bit. They seem to take a long time to dry, and DD doesn't mind having them dried a little. She is still really loving them! I am going to go and roll and separate some right now while she's watching TV.
sunmama, the IL's have been good about it so far. I think they are never sure what to expect of me, so they just roll with it! My folks haven't really said anything, but we haven't seen them in quite a while. I sent my mom pictures and she just said, "wow, ok" and that was about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by pacifica sooo sweet WonderMa! Is there another dready in the making in the first photo? Yes! DD2 has 2 or 3 in the back that I just can't bear to comb out! Her dad is all for leaving them, so we probably will.
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