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I keep small boxes of stuff anywhere it'll fit. Under the kitchen table, in the bedroom, stuff on the shelves in the livingroom. The girls keep a lot of stuff in their bedroom and we just have to keep it put away in between uses.
Hello, Dingoes! I lurk occasionally here and you guys help keep me inspired! I ran a 5K last May to celebrate 1 year of being smoke free! I slacked over the summer and am now working back up to 5K, hopefully losing some weight on the way and maybe running a little farther. So.. happy Saturday!
The things that get used the most for us are: A map and a globe Chalkboard Drawing/art supplies 501 Science Experiments book we got on clearance at Borders Study Dog
Was it MaWhit?
Quote: Originally Posted by dentmom3 I reluctantly ran this morning. I was the one in college with two running roomates, one on track and the other on cross country and I didn't run a lick in college. I used to say I would only run if chased. Then after my first DS I was walking on the treadmill and it just wasn't fast enough. So I sped it up to a jog. After a few months I ran my first, and only, 5 K. I am VERY goal oriented and I set a time...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wilhemina I can imagine in the conversation this way: Chinese Pistache: We've decided to hs ds, so I need to give you these wiyhdrawal papers. Office Ladies: Oh really? Why? Chinese Pistache: That's hard to answer in just a few minutes, but it's all I have right now! We sure did consider our decision carefully, though. Office Ladies: How are you going to hs? Do you have a curriculum? How long do you think you...
I have started many chapter books with my DD, but she just wasn't ready to listen for that long, I guess! We are halfway through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and she loves it.
I don't have any yet, but when I do, our local hs group has a library where you can donate curicculum. So far, that has been a great resource for us starting out, since we can look at and try stuff without buying it. I hope I can return the favor with anything we buy.
Well, Netflix list is running low! So, what are some of your favorite documentaries? I love to get good history channel type movies for the kids (and me!). So, all knowing ones, help me!
Today DD started building a robot "..that's gonna do all our chores!" out of misc. household and cardboard objects (science?) She drew on her sister with a black marker to make her look like a cougar (Art, science). And herself (Art). She is now doing dishes for me (science and she volunteered!) Tonight we're going to a performance of music and dancing from Sri Lanka. So that's a little culture there, too. Oh, and we went to storytime at the library today and...
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