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I love this thread!
It sounds normal to me.  That said, if *you* don't think it is (and you know your body!!), press for your midwife to check you out.  I had pretty minimal bleeding and then on day 14 I had huge bright red clots.  Freaked me out!  Called my doctor right away and they had me come in that morning.  They did an ultrasound to check for retained placenta.  I was fine.  Apparently, it can take a while for the uterus to shed it's lining and apparently that is what happened in my...
  What insurance?
  Meriter is wonderful!  I delivered both times at Meriter and only have good things to say about them.  All of the nurses I had (except one) were AMAZING.  With both births, I had one nurse who stayed with me the entire active labor and both stayed after their shift was over.  So thankful for those two!    As the previous poster replied, Meriter is great about listening to you, what you want and avoiding interventions.  Overall, midwives tend to intervene less, so you...
7 1/2 and counting
Ooh, I'm interested in joining the group, too!!  
Well, that's exciting!  I weighed less when I delivered than before getting pregnant (gestational diabetes) and kept losing weight for the first 2-3 months.  After that, I'm just stuck.  I haven't really changed eating habits, etc, so I'm wondering why.  Maybe I'll just lose it later.  :)
I'm so sorry for your loss.  
I have these and they are good: http://www.nickisdiapers.com/imagine-stay-dry-nursing-pads-3pairs.html  
I'm so sorry!  I don't have any input on tongue tie, but have you used a SNS?   It might be worth a try, although I know it's just one more thing to add!  If it works, she could at least stimulate more milk.  Hope it works out, soon!!  
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