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Yay!  Congratulations!
Target has some in a few different colors--gray,maybe?  I know, not very exciting!  I think one had stripes.  :) 
I did once on a long trip (just till we could stop) and it was so hard and awkward!  Probably won't be doing that again.  :)  
So glad I could somehow help, skyblufig.   
Yes!  Humility.  You simply can not, ultimately, control the situation.    With my first, my water broke and didn't really feel contractions or get uncomfortable for 6 hours.  Because of that, they wanted to start pitocin because they didn't think I had progressed.  I had them check and I was at 4--no pitocin needed.  Got in the tub, things progressed pretty fast.  Had excruciating back labor.  Started pushing at noon and the nurse thought I would have baby by 1ish.  Had...
I hope you were able to decide on a doc and have found one that you are comfortable with!   Just wanted to chime in as another that has a male OB.  I swore I never would see a male OB (how could he possibly understand?!).  I chose a practice that has 3 male OB's and 1 female and knew right away I would pick the female.  Well, they like to rotate you between the 4 while you are pregnant since one of them (and only them) will be there for the birth.  Had the female doc...
I personally do not have experience with Mercy (the hospital she will deliver at), but have heard many, many things from friends, co-workers, etc.  None of them have been overly positive and many have been negative.    I hope your niece has better luck!!
Has anyone ordered from Baker Creek before? I normally order from Fedco, but comparing the prices Baker Creek is actually cheaper and their shipping is cheaper as well. Love the catalog, too! :
My sprouts turned out great! Yeah! I have my second batch working right now.
Yeah! I got some seeds at the co-op yesterday and am going to try and start them tonight.
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