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Aveda like smell works for me! If you wouldn't mind sharing the recipe, I would love it.
I used a $1.50 coupon the other day at Target and it rang up as a .12 coupon. Grrr.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bleu Jocelyn's suggestion made me think: what if you got one of those HEPA air filter/cleaner appliance things... the kind they have have from Sharper Image or Gaiam? Possibly redundant, since Real Goods & Gaiam are the same company, but: air quality items from Real Goods. I don't know what the brand was, but someone I know used an air filter thingie and it got rid of smoke smell. A small idea...soak a...
Our bathroom is right next to our dining room, too. Actually, you walk right into the dining room when you come out of the bathroom. What am I going to do--the house is 100+ years old! We just keep the door shut.
Natural Home is a good one.
Love the Thermos Foogo sippy cups. They are awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lily's_Mom I also have the rinse-aid dispenser filled with white vinegar. : OK, dumb question. I have used vinegar as a rinse aid too, but how do you tell when it's time to refill the dispenser (since the vinegar is clear)?
I've used Basic H for a long time and I love it. You use so little and it gets everything clean. I use it for bathroom, kitchen, counters, floors, stovetop, etc. I used it to clean up the car seat the other day. Go to their website and search for a local rep who can order the products for you.
Not exactly what you are looking for, but I have used vanilla extract. I put a cotton ball in the bottom of a coffee mug and dumped some vanilla extract on the cotton. Makes your car smell yummy.
Freecycle or give them to friends/family that will use them.
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