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I use Ecover powder. Works great!
I recommend glass. I like Anchor Hocking, Libbey (Target or the Container Store), IKEA 365 has some glass containers I like and Crate and Barrel does, too. The most expensive one I bought was a large casserole dish from Anchor Hocking--I think it was $10. The Ball canning jars are great, too! (I've bought them by the case(?) at a grocery store).
I use a Built NY bag for my lunch and it still looks new after 4 years.
I use vinegar, water and lavendar essential oil, baking soda and Shaklee Basic-H for almost all of my cleaning. I do use laundry detergent, dish detergent and dishwasher detergent and have Ecover stain remover, but that is it. You can use vinegar instead of Windex. You could also use vinegar and hot water as a drain cleaner.
I use microfiber cloths a lot. They are great for cleaning.
We have a variety of glass containers. Anchor Hocking (from the Container Store). IKEA 365 Crate and Barrel Martha Stewart had some at KMart, too.
I just bought one from the dollar section at Target. It isn't a huge one by any means, but it works for me.
So, has anyone made their own Aveda scented products? I would love to know!
Thanks everyone! I think I'll try the Dr. Bronner's. I might get some lemon essential oil for the kitchen.
I have a Breadman ultimate that I scored for $20 from Kohl's! I found it on one of their amazing online sales days. I love it.
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