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Quote: Originally Posted by LEmama I was a big fan of See Kai Run, but they do not offer sizes past 9 (My just-turned-2 year old wears a size 10!) Just wanted to let you know about See Kai Run's new line, called Eleven. They have bigger sizes than See Kai Run. Here is the link.
Does anyone know why you get dryer lint? I've heard it's from fabric softener, too much detergent, the wrong detergent, etc. I don't use fabric softener and use very little detergent and still end up with it. Any ideas?
The Dr. Bronner's is in the beauty area--in the natural section. The California Baby is in the baby section. Not so natural, but I noticed they now have Origins as well.
We have the same problem with our Frigidaire (no diapers). The water builds up in the gasket/rubber seal and gets moldy and nasty. I have to wipe ours out after each load. I like our front loader aside from that.
We use Burt's Bees, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by maxwill129 Is it because they have just SLS or other icky ingrediants, too? Just curious. I'm wondering the same thing. I use Ecover right now.
Half water, half vinegar, a few drops of essential oil.
fruit/veggie scraps eggshells tea bags coffee grounds/coffee filters dead flowers yard waste--leaves, dead weeds, some grass, some twigs lint some newspaper
Around 18 months.
Just switched a few days ago from Robeez to See Kai Run (19 months). It's time to start getting outside and I wanted something with a bit more sole for running around. I stuck with the sof soled shoes as long as I could.
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