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19 months up at 6:15-6:45 nap from 12:15ish-1:45ish bed 7:30-8:00
That would be awesome! I gave my son our Swiffer and unscrewed the very top part of it so it would be more his height. He loves it.
Don't use regular cleaning products or regular dishwashing stuff. We use homemade cleaners (vinegar) and Ecover dishwashing items. I've cut down on paper towels and use micofiber towels instead.
Target. Not organic, but we've had it over a year and it still looks good. I think I got it on sale for about $10.
Yes! We can recycle as much as we want (as opposed to having to pay extra for extra garbage, which is fine by me!). This is all curbside. All paper and cardboard needs to be seperate from the rest. -Newspapers -Magazines -Glass -Aluminum and steel cans/containers -Paper--junk mail, paper bags, etc. -Cardboard, pizza boxes, egg cartons, cereal boxes, etc. -car batteries -car oil -tires (like 2 a year, I think) -leaves/yard waste -Plastic: #1-#7, with a few...
Some things that we are already doing: -Recycle (of course) and compost -Have our own organic garden -Use vinegar and water for cleaning -Use "green" dishwashing and laundry detergent -Use reusable bags -CFL bulbs -Buy local produce and eggs (and some meat, poultry and milk). Shop at the farmer's market -Working on switching plastic to glass containers -Use Sigg bottles instead of plastic -Turn down our heat and AC -Use the library/paperbackswap.com -Use...
The Zip-It is awesome! It's cheap, no chemicals and it really works. The best thing I've used.
Hmm, I like the IKEA ones, but I also like Pyrex. I have a large oven dish from Anchor Hocking that is nice, too.
Any more suggestions? Any gardening ones?
I used honey for the first time last night and my skin is really soft! I'll see what the long term results are. Thanks!
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