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I will check it out.  I am so grateful to have a pediatrician who trusts me & my choices! He's awesome & had great conversations.  I can't imagine having one who bullies.
Emmy 526, why do recommend that book?  Any input is appreciated. TY!
That is how old my kids are.  11 yo had some vax as baby & no more. then 6 & 8 have not had any routine vax.  6 yo had a tetanus in the ER after a run in with a very rusty upholstey tack.   Thinking I will start, but not sure where to begin. CDC catch up sceule is too much at once.   Any recomended books?  I read a lot 9 years ago, but need to catch up!
yup- my son has ADHD and lies in the gifted category. He is aggressive, tightly wound, impulsive, socially challenged, distracted yet hyper focused.... and he's a third grader who reads at a very high level and finds school work to be too easy.... confusing!
Quote: Originally Posted by justmama Not to hijack but does anyone's ADHD child have slow processing speed as well? I hear it's very common in ADHD kids, along with other learning disabilities. Mine is 9 and ADHD-combined type with a secondary "diagnosis" of slow processing speed and she is not yet medicated. I was not surprised with the adhd diagnosis but the processing speed threw me a curveball. I guess it makes sense knowing her but it never even...
1. DS age 9.6, diagnosed at 8.1 , mainly inattentive type with some hyper on occasion 2 no meds....yet (trying to decide what to do... still) 3. if your child has an IEP or 504 plan -no 4. how your child does in school - he does amazingly well. He has been lucky with good teachers who understand that he's not trying to ignore. He is an A student and performs at a high level academically. He's very challenged in settings without a lot of structure & is reallllly...
Looking for a good child psychiatrist in Franklin county, Bratt or Keene. Any reccs for someone who isn't quick to medicate?
Excellent! Do ya'll remember if the top bunk has a rail? Thanks!
We are going to this summer! yay! I cannot find details on line about what the bedding situation is for a large yurt. Bunks? Cots? Any info you can share is appreciated!
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