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Stormborn, saw this in new posts and just had to tell you: funniest thread title ever! Hahahaha. I'm picturing this menacing McRib, floating around dripping nasty sauce all over our hand-loomed baby wraps and reclaimed barn wood toys. Love it. :D
That's really helpful- thanks! :)   I will look into how many I'm allowed to care for. I think 5 days would be too much for me, plus we have swim lessons once a week and I can't transport everyone. I'm hoping to find maybe a mom who does part-time or freelance work and needs some care but not every day. But it may be impossible. I could always put it out there and see if anyone is interested, once I sort out the legality aspect.
I live in a really, really high cost of living area. It's getting hard to afford my staying at home with the kids. I would really like to do so, and am hoping not to have to sell our house to be able to afford to stay home.   One solution I thought of is taking in some kids for afterschool care. There are few options for "alternative" schooling in this area, but I've met a lot of families interested in it. Meanwhile, I have tried in vain to find after school...
Ah jeez, I came to this forum to ask if anyone's had experience watching others' kids while SAHMing....this is not encouraging!   OP, I think you've gotten great advice here. Putting her on notice that you're thinking of bowing out is the kind thing to do, and setting a deadline is important for both of you. Remember: Her personal drama is her own, and it's not your problem to solve. If the arrangement were working for you both, great. If not, make that change.
Thanks! It's the kind of thing that, in myself, I just leave alone til it clears itself up, making sure not to spend too much time in wet bathing suits etc. But it's just so hot and sweaty I worry it'll get worse for her. I have some bottom balm somewhere! Going to try that and will report back. :)  
My 4yo has some redness and irritation in her vulva, likely because it's been really hot, she's been outside a lot, and she hasn't been able to take a bath for two weeks because of a bad burn on her foot. (She's been showering, but I think for little girls it's hard to get the privates as clean without a bath). Anyway, I don't think it's pediatrician-worthy yet but it's bothering her. Anything natural/gentle I could use, or should I just do an OTC yeast medicine?
Yeah, the kids were getting soaked with water going every which way, like you would on an 80+ day in the summer. My DD took her shoes and socks off and her feet were like icecubes after a little while.
This is a tiny thing, but I'm genuinely curious what other mamas think. We went to a kids' birthday party today that took place in a lovely backyard. It was a sunny spring day, but cool for this time of year- 55 degrees with a breeze that made it feel colder. The low today here was 39! I was wearing a long-sleeve sweater and was cold unless I was in direct sunlight. Everything was great until the host brought out water squirters and encouraged the kids to change into...
Interesting! My main initial reaction though was to laugh about the difference between what I thought they meant by "exclusive extended" bfing and what the article says, which is beyond 4 months. I was thinking years! I did meet a mother once at a diner who told me she nursed her child exclusively for two years. As in, he only got her milk, no other food. She was from Latin America. I was intrigued and amazed. For one thing, how could you STOP a mobile baby or toddler from...
Sending you lots of positive vibes. And a big hug! I hope everything turns out to be fine.  
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