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Imse Vimse as well. And I don't use fleece, because of my DH. I'm glad he's as supportive as he is of my CD obsession. I'm not looking to rock the boat, LOL.
Quote: Originally Posted by prothyraia Erm...perhaps by those who don't actually believe it's horribly made or unsafe? I understand that your experience was very convincing for you and I respect you for sharing it in order to help others, but for me ancedotal evidence from one source just isn't convincing enough to change my behavior or beliefs. And I'm certainly not alone there. I don't understand why that's so surprising. Ditto. We have...
Quote: Originally Posted by stickywicket67 : i deal with melissa and doug on a monthly basis at the shop i manage- we carry their toys. they are one of the nicest, most decent companies out there. there are very good people running that company. there are many many many people out there who are looking for nice but not expensive wooden toys for their kids. m and d fills that niche. i know the majority of our customers are not going to spend the money...
Amanda, we're right there with you. Our son (surviving twin) was born at 23.6wks. He'll be 4 at the end of this month, and we STILL have not seen a neurologist to official diagnose him. Between the ridiculous waitlists, Ped. Neuro's leaving the hospital, and DH's company getting bought out (prompting a change in insurance) - we can't get in. We're now on our 4th waitlist in over 2 years. All we know is what we learned in the NICU, and what we/regular drs can see...
What about making him a nice pouch/saddle bag for his bird watching things? Room for his binoculars, a journal, pen holder - maybe a camera if he carries a small one? Last year for Father's day, I made DH a workshop apron, out of some heavy duty fabric. It has the usual pockets, and covers his chest. He's tall so it's hard for him to find things like that to fit.
Oh mama - are you serious? A handmade gift is the best gift one can receive, because it comes from the heart. You know you're special if someone makes a gift for you - just because of the time it takes. I asked my DH for something handmade this year. And I know he's making some beautiful picture frames for both of our best friends. I know my favorite gifts are always the handmade ones. Whether by DH directly, or something handmade he sought out from an Indie...
Jill, Can I just say that you rock! If I could give you karma points, you'd have them right now. My older boy doesn't put anything in his mouth, but the baby is like a human vacuum. This has really been concerning me, since DS is really getting in to art projects now.
Yes, please post! We're in the process of revamping our play area, and replacing toys.
1-2 unless it's REALLY bad, then 1 more. I have some great wipes that really clean up well for us. When I had my first batch of super cheapies, I had to use more.
The new BG3s address some of the concerns over stronger velcro
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