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Anyone dealing with total food aversion? I gag on everything that enters my mouth. Even plain noodles. At this point I'm just forcing down whatever I can. It is staying down for the most part but it all tastes horrible. I was existing on dairy but now that tastes rotten. Meat makes me gag the most. To add to the pain I now have heartburn. I'm so miserable  Anyone deal with this? Did it pass soon? 
Pamela- What a find in the thrift store!!!! That's awesome! I love great deals....
So sorry Chuord...
chuord- FX'd for you! 
My weirdest dream so far happened at implantation. I'm taking a prometrium supplement right before bed and it knocks me out cold. I had this dream that there was something burrowing into my hand and it was itching really bad. I woke up and I had gouged a huge spot on my hand trying to get "it" out.   Crazy that I could do that to myself and not feel it!
Ahhh, my favorite subject right now    This is our first babe so I'm looking to build a stash. I prefer cotton So I'm thinking GMD prefold's for Newborn stage. Then using the workhorse fitteds with assorted covers the rest of the time. We don't have a washer or dryer so I will be using laundry facilities and want to keep it simple. Who know's I may end up using prefold's the whole time- just don't know if dh will like to fold or not.
Unsweetened fruit smoothies. Its the only thing that calms my tummy down right now. I use plain unsweetened yogurt, frozen mixed berries and pineapple juice. Nice and sour! Low sodium veggie juice from Trader Joe's is my veggie right now.  Meat is just out of the question right now too- I can't cook it or eat it. I'm drinking most of my food but I also snack on salted almonds and walnuts, home made plain popcorn and pieces of cheese 
Your not alone! I'm 6 1/2 weeks and have had brown blood spotting this week too. Once after dtd too!  I was told it is normal and ultrasound confirmed I have a healthy little bean growing away in there. Nice strong heartbeat 
So sorry for your loss.....
In my limited knowledge I thought most people started with clomid as a first course of action.  It is the safest and easiest to control so you don't get overstimulated.  Some people don't respond to clomid at all but at least you could have tried it. IMO it would have been better to try the iui with the clomid first than risking overstimulation. I guess I'm questioning them because I feel like they really screwed up not giving you Lupron last time. I thought it was...
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